Week 1 – ‘All or Nothing (I Want You)’

Week 1 – All Or Nothing.

I’ve spent most of this week wrapped in a blanket recovering from tonsillitis (great way to start 2012!) but I did muster the energy to record some guitars, glockenspiels and even hit my desk with a set of brushes.  I also managed to persuade the delightful Jose Vanders to pop round and lend me her voice. Wonderful.  So here it is, the first of 52.  Hope you like it!


The Blurb.

Those of you who’ve seen me play live over the last couple of years may recognise this tune.

I wrote it sometime back in 2009 – just after I’d been working with a major record label for the first time.  The label in question had just acquired a promising young band called Mumford and Sons and I was given a record and told to go and listen to it (which is basically code for ‘we want you to sound like this’). Needless to say I wasn’t into the idea and expressed concerns about the fact I didn’t own a waistcoat or have my ear pierced… and that was that!

The whole experience can only be likened to a lover who you never thought you had a chance with.  It happens… and the first few months are AMAZING. The next few months are odd and you’ve got a sneaky feeling that something’s not right… and then before you know it you’re out the door. Dazed, confused and having apparently regressed as a human being.

Obviously this regression is temporary and we actually come back stronger and stronger each time – but it took me nearly 3 months to realise that.

‘All or Nothing’ is one of the first songs I wrote after that whole charade.  It’s about getting back on your feet and realising that life goes on.  The sun might not be shining yet but at least the rain’s stopped.  It’s time to go outside again and keep pushing the snowball up the hill until summer comes.

Favourite Lyric.

I think my favourite lyric (and one that best sums up the sentiment) is the last line in the first verse:

“And if love’s a set of lyrics then I still don’t know the words to the song…
…but I’ll keep moving my mouth and pretend that I’m singing along”.

I say love, it applies to life as well really.  Not a lot’s changed since I wrote it – I still feel like the kid at the concert who doesn’t know the words but keeps moving his mouth and pretending to fit in.