Week 2 – ‘Get Home Safely’

Week 2 – Get Home Safely

Week 2 has been all about tidying the lounge/studio and fretting over which song to pick next.

It’s a bit like the pilgrimage to my local chicken shop – where I’ve never ordered anything other than a 2 piece and chips.  Every time I spend ages staring at the brightly lit options and weighing up the pros and cons but every time I ask for the same thing – ‘2 piece and chips please, mate’.

It’s easy to justify this needless meandering to a decision (just like it’s easy to pretend the strange man who serves chicken is actually your mate), but when you repeatedly find yourself answering questions you already know the answer to it’s probably time to have a word with yourself.  With that in mind…

The Blurb:

‘Get Home Safely’ is about something good but not quite good enough.

It was written towards the end of a little romance I had just after University and was the catalyst I needed to finally call the whole thing off.  In actual fact I have this song to thank for the most painless break up of my adolescent life – barely 48 hours later the guilt (and temptation to backtrack) had subsided and things were looking up.  For once I’d read the words I’d written…

You’ll notice I had some fun with the production this week – I hope it isn’t too offensive.  I spent most of Monday making noise and eventually stumbled upon a strange synthy thing that I really liked.  I was so excited that I called up my friend Jon (who understands these things) only to be told that it sounded like something out of an episode of Fun House with Pat Sharpe. Ouch.

Needless to say I had a little freak-out and ran to the chicken shop to look at all the other options… before coming home and going straight back to the same synthy thing!

Thanks again to Jose Vanders for lending us her beautiful voice. Doesn’t she sound amazing? Unfortunately she’s just about to run off and write a dissertation so we won’t see (or hear) her for a few months. Good luck Hosey!

Favourite Lyric:

The whole song’s quite literal, which makes it hard to pick a favourite lyric to talk about.  At a push I’d probably say this one:

‘Coz when you win bread from 9 to 5 I’ll be waking up at 3.
So don’t sign your life away with me’

Just before it ended I was away on tour and she was waking up early to a full time job that she hated.  Of course I sympathised with the pre midday start (something i’ve never been good at) but alarms clocks were the least of our problems.  I never really understood her lack of ambition and while she admired mine, she certainly couldn’t compete with it.

The older I get, though, the more I appreciate those with a firm ‘lack of ambition’.  Sometimes I even envy it.   Routine and security are two words I’m not overly familiar with and often crave but don’t worry – this time I’m not even going to bother looking at the rest of the menu…

‘2 piece and chips, please!’