Week 6 – ‘Two Kids’

So, week 6 has been interesting. The sort of interesting that can only be described by saying the word out loud and holding on to the ‘n’ for at least 2 seconds.  One, two, three.… ‘Innnnnnteresting’.

My housemate Jamie moved out on Tuesday which was a big shame/huge relief.  I love the guy to bits and he might be one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met (in an ironic sort of way) but his habit of creating a new bin next to the existing one was really beginning to grind my gears.

Before Jamie had moved out someone else was already sitting in the lounge waiting to move in – a friend from Hungary who needed a place to crash for a few days.  Needless to say this is when things started getting interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I’m not going to talk about it yet – I’ve not quite got my head around it.  Thank heavens there’s 46 weeks left, eh?

The Blurb

Let’s be honest words are amazing. Written or spoken, we would literally be nowhere without them and as we get older we get better at using the right ones at the right times.  That said they are unpredictable little critters.  The same one can evoke many different emotions depending on the variables of it’s usage;  who’s talking, who’s listening, delivery, timing and so on.

Two Kids is about a boy, a girl and some little critters that changed everything…

We’d been together 6 or 7 months and despite walking through the odd thunderstorm our clothes were still very much dry.  It was a mild summer evening and the Wagamamas (Chicken Katsu Curry, number 71) had gone down a treat so as we wandered back up Guildford high street I decided to drop the bomb…

The bomb wasn’t actually a bomb. Not a marriage proposal or an ‘L’ word in sight – I just told her I really liked her… because I did.  Thankfully she really liked me too so we trundled back to mine and supported capitalism in the best way possible – Hagen Daaz, Durex and Marlboro (in that order) before falling asleep with smiles on our faces.

Less than 48 hours later it was all over. Nothing had changed but the words had clearly sunk in and scared the shit out of her. The end.

I’m not sure who requested Two Kids for #onesongaweek but I’d like to thank them. I spent a long while not enjoying this song (I don’t really know why – it was the first of my children to make it onto radio 1) so it’s been really nice to come back to it, play some piano and rediscover a love for this collection of little critters.

Special thanks go to Rosie Lowe for lending us her beautiful lungs at the drop of a hat (again).  This is the 3rd Thursday in a row she’s given her time to make life sound a little better.  I really can’t thank her enough.

Favourite Lyric:

At the risk of turning the ‘favourite lyric’ section into a ‘favourite verse’ section…

“And she ran faster than a rabbit from a fox
Something clicked that made her think outside the box
And he sits back and starts to hope
That this is just some stupid joke
Coz I didn’t wanna change things but it’s true…”

Aside from the blindingly obvious I’m not really sure what to say about it.  She was the rabbit and I was the fox – she just didn’t notice until I told her (in as many words).