Week 7 – ‘Unstoppable’ Remix and Radio Edit

by Frank Hamilton

May I start by drawing your attention to the arrival of the first ever #onesongaweek podcast! The (slightly awkward) episode for Week 6 is available on iTunes and Podbean for your listening, downloading and subscribing pleasure.  Send your questions in for week 7 via Facebook or Twitter.

Back to business already. Yesterday was an interesting day…

I was rudely awoken by the sound of my own alarm clock at 5:45am and rolled out of bed with a scowl.  After a shower I spent exactly 7 minutes and 45 seconds (the length of Mrs Potters Lullaby) making the mother of all smoothies.  There were strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, a banana, an Actimel, some porridge oats and lots of apple juice involved… and God said it was great.

My friend Tim arrived at 6:30am and we packed the entire contents of my home studio in to his Mini Cooper before heading to a place I’ve never been but driven past several times – Saint Albans.

The first part of the journey went well. I hadn’t forgotten anything and was enjoying my smoothie whilst contemplating the day ahead – 6 hours writing songs with Saracens Rugby team (which I’ll tell you more about soon).

The second part of the journey was average at best.  Traffic was starting to build up and Thomas (Tom-Tom) was having a bit of a nightmare.  Attempts to deflect the realisation that we might be late soon began…

“Urgh”, said Tim – pointing at the Volvo in front of us. “There’s one of those ‘Baby on Board’ stickers.  As if that’s going to stop someone crashing into you… Fucking idiots!”

I chuckled in agreement but decided not to partake in the slander of innocent mothers and their children and returned to the crossword I was busy failing at.

The third part of the journey came approximately 20 seconds later – and is somewhat predictable.  I looked up from 19 across (Dicky Paul and Penny became friends 3,2 – still haven’t got it) and saw a Volvo coming straight towards us.

The ensuing moments taught me three things – none of which will change the world but all of which are worth considering:

  1. Mini’s and Volvos are hard as nails. One hell of a thwack and there wasn’t a scratch on either.
  2. People with ‘Baby on Board’ stickers don’t always have babies on board. Liars!
  3. Smoothies (not least ones your very proud of) are MUCH better to drink than to wear.




The Blurb

“…and now for something completely different”.

This weeks track is a collaboration with a super talented chap called Alex – a producer/artist who goes by the name of Skope.

It’s a version of a song called Unstoppable – which featured on the ‘Words and Nothing More’ EP – only this time it’s been given an injection of musical steroids.

Alex has taken time out of his busy release schedule to provide us with this awesome remix and I’ve put together a radio edit – so for one week only consider the name of this project changed to ‘Two Songs a Week’.

It’s the collaborations part of this project that excites me more than anything.  If this was 6 years ago right now I’d be telling you about some of the conversations we’re having at the moment – but I’m older, wiser and don’t want to feel like a plonk when Pippa Middleton says no!

Favourite Lyric

Lets be honest – Dubstep (which i’m reliably informed this weeks song is!?) isn’t about the lyrics.  However continuity is key and you’re already reading the ‘Favourite Lyric’ section so here goes…

“If i was a leader I would never mislead ya’
If I was a doctor I’d take care of your heart
If I was a lawyer I wouldn’t charge when I call ya’
And if I was an actor I’d be playing my part“.

I’m not suggesting doctors don’t ‘take care’ and actors don’t ‘play parts’ but I am suggesting some leaders and lawyers could be doing a better job.  Misleading followers and charging clients in 6 minute slots for a 20 second phone call (at £320 an hour) aren’t things I could feel good about – although maybe 200k a year to spend on prosecco would wash the bad taste out of my mouth.