Week 12 – ‘Remember School?’

by Frank Hamilton

A practical start to this weeks blog…  Earlier in the week I announced details of a little tour in April.  If you haven’t already seen the dates they’re listed here.  I’m also thinking about adding a few living room shows into the mix – so if you’ve got a living room and might like to host an evening of music and friends then keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on Twitter/Facebook in the next day or so.

In other news the second installment of the ‘Car Park Sessions’ can be found on Youtube, where me and my evil twin performed a stripped back version of ‘Song for Noah from week 11.

On a less practical note this week’s been quiet but nice. I’ve been working on 3 or 4 songs that you’ll hear soon enough and talking to some exciting people about One Song A Week collaborations. I’m excited to report that Spandau Ballet, Bastille, Davey from The Crimea and Ed Tudor Pole (of Crystal Maze fame) are just a few of the folk entertaining the idea.  Exciting times ahead…

Anyway, back to business…


The Blurb:

Last week I wrote (and sang) about my nephew Noah.  He’s 6 years old, his favourite colour is blue and he doesn’t understand why I have a massive problem with his claims to support Chelsea FC.**

For the next 10 (possibly even 16) years he’s been given a full time job:  ‘To learn and have fun’.

Most days will be similar:

– Breakfast
– School
– Activity / Play time
– Dinner
– Play time
– Bed
– Dream

Job perks include a rent-free room in a house with a garden, two chauffeurs and a family cat.  There’s also the option to obtain items (such as Nerf Guns and Lego Star Wars figures) through careful, strategic negotiation – although this is something that the chauffeurs seem to have a problem with.  Surely they should just keep driving and stop getting involved?!

The best thing about all of this is that Noah doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.  He doesn’t know he’s been given such an important job (or that he’s already doing such a good job).  He doesn’t even know he knows half of the things he already knows (confusing, but true). He’s just plodding along with life – having the time of his life.

Maybe I should tell him what’s really going on here?  When I think back to my childhood part of me wishes I’d known how important the film was while I was still in the cinema – I might have paid more attention.

The fact is I could never tell him – and even if I did he wouldn’t understand.  Ignorance being bliss has never made so much sense and I don’t think I’d have enjoyed the film half as much with that sort of knowledge on board.  Besides, it’s not like I paid for my ticket!

** I’ll give him another year or so before I break his legs and wrap them in a United scarf.  Think on, Noah.


Favourite Lyric:

“Do you remember school?
All the things we used to do just to make ourselves look cooler
Do you remember when
We weren’t old enough to listen and too young to understand”

Instead of talking about this weeks favourite lyric I’d like to ask you all a question.  What did YOU do in your youth to make yourself ‘look cooler’?  I’ll start…

When I was 13 I decided my hair wasn’t ‘tick’ enough so I bought some Sun-In from Boots (on the advice of a Scottish kid called Marcus) and applied it on the bus home from Cambridge.  Unfortunately my ambitions of becoming part of the ‘bench crew’ (see week 4) took a serious nosedive when it went orange.  Never again.