Week 13 – Song About A Weekend

So here we are – week 13.  Exactly a quarter of the way through this whole charade.  When I write it down it seems like a big milestone but in reality it’s been just like any other week.  Another song.  Another blog.  Another journey from Lands End to John O Groats.

It’s 11:21pm on Thursday night and I’ve just finished mixing the song.  There’s an attractive girl on my couch (we’ll talk about her soon enough) and she’s just suggested we go out for drinks to celebrate what appears to have been a successful collaboration.  She even said she’s buying.  It’s a no brainer, right?

Wrong!!  This Romeo has work to do:

  • I said the song’s finished – it’s not. I just listened again and there are tweaks to be made.
  • I’ve got a blog to write (which seems to be taking care of itself – just about).
  • We’re filming the live version for this weeks ‘Car Park Session’ tomorrow morning which needs a bit of organisation.  I’ve never done one of these on Friday before but I’m off to Wembley on Saturday  to watch a sport called Rugby (I’m assured it isn’t fictional) and have sessions all day Sunday and Monday.  Needs must.
  • To compound the misery my parents are coming to visit in less than 18 hours!  Not only is the house is a complete and utter state, it also still smells of jazzy cigarettes from a nocturnal writing session we had on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Uh-oh!

Before this blog turns in to a to-do list let me point you in the direction of last weeks ‘Car Park Sessions’ (wonderfully directed by Barbara the Hungarian) before moving you swiftly on to this weeks song.


The Blurb:

First things first, a disclaimer:  The piano at the beginning MIGHT be a bit too loud/gritty in (but only on some speakers).  I could spend a short while sorting it out but I’ve already mixed and mastered the song 11 and 7 times, respectively.  For now at least – enough is enough!

‘Song About A Weekend’ is a collaboration with the lovely Danica Hunter (who’s still sitting on my couch as I write – looking a bit bored!) and out of all the #onesongaweek offerings so far it has been both the easiest and most difficult.

It was easy to write.  We spent a few hours sitting in the sun on Clapham Common throwing acorns around before returning home with a fully fledged tree.  When tree’s first fledge I’m never usually happy with them (there’s always a branch out of place or a piece of bark that doesn’t fit in) but this tree was special.  It was secure, had common sense and knew exactly who it was from day one.  Well done tree.

Once a tree has been fledged it’s then up to it’s creator to decide what happens next.  Since it’s birth we’ve always known that the tree would end up being part of the #onesongaweek forest – but there were still big decisions to be made about where it should be positioned and how it should be decorated.

I am of course talking about the production of the song – which has seen me go round in circles for the better part of 72 hours.  If we hark back to week 9 where I talked about this process being like driving from Lands End to John O’ Groats – this week I’ve visited Cambridge, Brighton, Swansea, Norwich, Liverpool, Birmingham, York, Plymouth and London en route – in that order.

Never the less we’ve arrived and the time has come to get out the car, stretch out legs, find the sword that doesn’t exist… and you know the rest!

Favourite Lyric:

I’ve just woken Danica up from a light snooze (it’s now 2:21am) to ask her about her favourite lyric.  Somewhere between a yawn and a groan she told me she really likes the end of the 2nd verse (about smoking and ‘lost’ being her middle name) but she loves the whole of the first one.  That’s settled then…

“Wrote a song about a weekend
Coz I haven’t got a girl
I look to the stars and the planets
But I don’t wanna change my world
I read another horoscope
But they all say the same
I write another love song
And give it a new name”.

I write too many songs about the birds and the bees… so here’s one about a weekend instead.  Who am I kidding?!