Week 15 – ‘It’s Not Love (But We Do Just Fine)’

I’m writing this at 3am on Friday the 13th of April and an awful lot seems to have happened in the last 30 hours.

My definition of an awful lot:

  • Sat in a Polish restaurant in Southampton and ordered a feta cheese salad (very adventurous).
  • Played a gig and met some lovely people.  Few too many bum notes on the keys, mind.
  • Got given a really sweet letter after the gig which I read in the car home. Thanks Charlotte.
  • Walked in at 2am to find an email from Mary Hamilton (wife of Frank Hamilton – see wikipedia)
  • Sat smiling at the screen until at least 3am.  It was a lovely email and I’ve wanted to make contact for a while.
  • Rudely awoken at 8am by the delivery man.  100 You, Your Cat & Me t-shirts now in stock.  Went back to bed.
  • Woke up again and made a smoothie.  Banana, red berries, apple juice, yoghurt and porridge oats – if you’re asking.
  • Heard through the grapevine that a chap called Gary Kemp might like to write a song together for #onesongaweek!!
  • Managed to offend someone I really admire on twitter (without even meaning to).
  • Drove to Guildford and played a gig. Really enjoyed it – lots of singing along and not too many bum notes on the keys.
  • Came offstage to be confronted by 3 people wearing home made FH t-shirts (all of whom bought YYC&M t-shirts).  Amazing!
  • Drove home and stopped off at the BP garage.  Bought a snack pack of sausage rolls and god said it was great.
  • Got in at 1am and saw an email from the person I offended on twitter.  All is well, thankfully.
  • Put the kettle on, made a cup of peppermint tea and started writing this blog.

So far it’s been mostly good news, right? Here’s the bad news…

Week 15 isn’t ready yet.

I think it’s best I make you wait a day or two instead of giving you something I’m not quite happy with – so sometime in the next 24/48 hours a song will appear.  Please accept my apologies, go back to enjoying your Friday and keep an eye on Facebook or Twitter over the weekend.

Before I go and get busy in the studio I’d like to point you in the direction of the first ever #onesongaweek competition.  I announced it the other day and you can read all about it here.

One sleep, several plugins, a Bento box and exactly 49 hours later…


The Blurb:

Such a lot happened in the 30 hours preceding the start of this blog that I forgot to mention something super-exciting.  On Thursday in Guildford (as those in attendance will know) the wonderful Helen Ruocco joined me onstage to sing ‘You Your Cat & Me’.  Helen’s voice is the one you hear on the entire YYC&M EP and we haven’t seen each other since she removed herself from the musical hemisphere and went off to travel the world!

The impromptu performance led to me persuading her to come round and do some #onesongaweek singing – and thankfully she obliged.

‘It’s Not Love (But We Do Just Fine)’ is a bitter-sweet love song – parts of which have been knocking around for a while.  I’ve always been a big Pogues fan and set out to write something with a ‘you’re a bitch… but I still love you’ theme.

Recording it has been a labour of love.  I started it before tour and went back to square one a couple of times.  Originally it was an upbeat country-skiffle number (a bit like Ashley from week 4) but in the name of progression I’ve settled on something completely different.

The acoustic guitar came out of an idea I had when I first heard that Gotye song that’s (rightly) taken over the universe and the electric guitar came out of a journey back from Southampton listening to the 3rd Kings of Leon album on repeat (‘Ragoo’, specifically).

There’s also a big booming floor tom (masquerading as a bass drum), a sprinkle of glockenspiel… and of course Miss Ruocco’s dulcet tones.  I hope it’s been worth the wait.

Favourite Lyric:

Some relationships are hard work and some are eerily effortless… but the best ones tend to be a combination of the two.

“And I know I piss you off when I get drunk
And sometime’s I feel angry ‘coz you’re so blunt
You make me nervous every day
but I wouldn’t have it any other way

This week should be interesting.  I’m away from Monday to Friday/Saturday (so will probably end up recording Week 16 in the Etap hotel in Manchester).  Wish me luck!