Week 18 – ‘Friday Nights’

Thursday nights and Friday mornings – at the same old table (in my studio) talking about the same things (songs and blogs).  Celebrities and cheap TV (on in the background) doesn’t say a thing to me and I can’t wait to get home (go to bed).

It’s 01:19am on Friday morning and I’m just starting this weeks blog.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this part – surely the song I’ve been slaving over for the last 72 hours is enough?

Here’s why I bother:

Firstly, without this weekly blog I’d almost certainly forget a whole load of cool stuff – like the old man I saw on Clapham High Street who had aspirations of being the crazy pidgeon lady from Home Alone 2.  Here’s a photo.

Secondly, this blog gives me an opportunity to tell you about exciting things – like the grand opening of my very first online shop (have a browse here), my first ever happy customer (look!) and the fact I’ve eaten 3 Bento Boxes in the last 5 days.

Thirdly we can talk about current affairs.  Yesterdays election, for example.  I hope you voted?  I tweeted a while ago about Brian Paddick (the Lib Dem candidate for London major) and how I was asked to perform at his conference only to have the offer swiftly revoked.  Safe to say I didn’t vote for Mr Paddick yesterday and I can’t wait to dish the dirt and tell you exactly why… slight problem being that until there’s no chance of the person who told me the truth about dear Brian getting into trouble I’ve (reluctantly) promised to keep my mouth shout.

Lastly, and most importantly, these blogs give me an excuse to talk about this weeks song.  So without further ado…


The Blurb:

This weeks song It was Christmas record of the week on XFM a long time ago (prior to the release of ‘The Land Before Time‘ on VHS – just kidding, I’m not that old) and was featured on the ‘You, Your Cat & Me’ EP.

It’s about getting drunk with your mates and putting the world to rights.

When I was at university life was predictable.  By day we’d drink in the local Weatherspoons and by night we’d frequent a bar called Fahrenheit 55.  It’s after one too many nights out in the latter that I penned this song.

Friday Nights wasn’t originally going to be a part of #onesongaweek but it’s been requested on Twitter and Facebook too many times for me to ignore.  I decided on Tuesday morning that If I was going to revisit it I’d like to do something totally different with the production – so that’s what I’ve done.  At first I thought about doing it a bit like week 16 (I really like that one) but then I realised I don’t live in Manchester and Jonny and Pete do – so I took a splash of influence from week 15 instead, clapped my hands a few times (literally) and ‘hey, presto’.

Who’s Presto?

The female voice you can hear comes from the lovely Ellen Robinson.  We met rather randomly on a train from Cambridge to London (after the last show of my little April tour) and a conversation about Belle & Sebastian turned into a sing-song on the night bus.  Six days later she learnt some words and sang them wonderfully into a microphone (for the first time ever!).  Amazing – thanks Ellen!

Favourite Lyric:

I quite like the bit in the 2nd verse about America playing board games but my favourite lyric come at the end of the chorus.

“And we’ll make jokes about religion
And we’ll laugh about the queen
Making fun of politicians ’cause they say things they don’t mean
And it’s just our way of getting through the days routine.”

I’m not religious, a monarch or a politician so I guess it’s easy to poke fun…  but if you can’t poke and be poked, what can you do?!