Week 20 – ‘Thinking Back’

by Frank Hamilton

Another good few days in the land of #onesongaweek.  Here’s the low-down:

I’m currently sitting in a studio with James Earp (a fantastic producer who I’ve worked with before).  This is good news.  Be excited.

The other day I met another chap called James who works for a new(ish) magazine called Scout London.  In metaphor land they’re going to jump aboard the #onesongaweek express and travel with us for a while.  In reality they’re going to write some words about me (every week) for anyone in the world who’d like to read them.  Isn’t that nice? Here’s a link to the first article.

I’ve written a song about England/Euro 2012.  I’m not sure how it’ll turn out but in writing this I’m committing to releasing it next week.  Crikey.

I recently popped into XFM to see an old friend and ended up leaving a t-shirt and sarcy note for the person I managed to offend on Twitter in week 12.  On the basis he’s not mentioned it I’m think it might have gone down like a lead balloon.  Oh well!

I’ve been working on a few different collaborations recently – which seem to be taking their time to come together.  Songs with Ryan Ashley, Alishas Attic and Mark Grist are on their way… but not just yet.

I’ve not recorded this weeks song at home.  There are two reasons why:

1) I’ve been super busy and am now in the studio with James.

2) The alarm in my block of flats has been going off for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT.  I admire it’s ability to keep a steady pace (52 BPM to be precise) but the fact I can tell you this with a fair degree of mathematical accuracy worries the shit out of me.

The Blurb

I’ve wanted to go back to a town called Basics with #onesongaweek for a while now and I hope I’ve picked the right song to go there with.  ‘Thinking Back’ is one of my oldest songs and it’s about the only girl who’s ever really, truly broken my heart.

It doesn’t get much more basic than two microphones, recording at the same time – one in front of my face and the other in front of my guitar.

Unfortunately I don’t have such recording capabilities in my little lounge/studio (one instrument at a time, please!) so when I found out I was recording with James this week I insisted we take some time out to do this.

It’s one of those songs I’m not overly comfortable talking about (I’m sure you understand) and I don’t tend to play it live very often.

I do remember playing it once a at a gig/birthday party in Guildford though.  Here’s a little story.

Chapter 1 – The Only Chapter

It can’t have been more than a month since we’d broken up (which sounds a lot better than ‘since she’d dumped me for some twat with a big nose’).  I’d spent a while kicking around in a hemp haze and feeling sorry for myself but as the days rolled by the clouds eventually began to clear.  Things (like my chin) were looking up.

I was hungover but the sun was out and I’d met a girl the night before.  She wasn’t Kyra but she was interested.  More importantly it was my birthday.

My friend Dan’s birthday always seemed to fall the day before mine (weird) so as usual we planned a joint party slash gig.  We’d get drunk, I’d play some songs, other people would play some songs and everyone would have a jolly good time.  Fantastic.

Soundcheck and dinner came and went like the N35 bus does on a Friday night (slowly and stressfully) but as usual we drank our way through it.  

I don’t remember much of the gig.  For some cruel reason Kyra had turned up and was standing in the front row.  Obviously I tried my best not to notice.  Obviously I failed miserably.

Thinking Back was scheduled to be the penultimate song in the set but it ended up being the last.  I’ll never forget spitting out every single word in her direction (with those crazy eyes I sometimes get when I sing) and the look that it forged on her pretty little face.

She left.  I felt a little better.  We’ve barely spoken since.  


Favourite Lyric:

I don’t really know what to say about the lyrics to this song.  It’s a weird one (even after all this time).

“Thinking too much just fucks things up”

Probably best not to think about it, then.  See you in week 21 x