Week 23 – ‘Waterloo/Guildford’

by Frank Hamilton

If you were on Twitter yesterday you might have seen this…

I still can’t get over how bothered I was (or not as the case may be) about starting so late. If this was week 5 I’d have been shitting a brick by Wednesday morning but for some reason the whole thing was never in doubt.  I’m going to put it down to a little thing called confidence and say thanks to you lot for that.  Bring on the next 30 weeks!

The reason I didn’t start this weeks song until the last possible second is because I’ve spent most of it living in town called Youtube, directing my very own soap opera.

It started over the weekend when I made a video for ‘Sing For England’ (which was rubbish so I didn’t post it) and went to bed early.  On Saturday I woke up at 7am (ridiculous) and made video for ‘This Is England’ in a similar style.  This one wasn’t shit and Jubilee weekend had just arrived so I posted it right away.  Later in the day I messed around with the first video again (until it wasn’t so rubbish) and then I posted that.  All was well.

On Sunday I woke up to my 2nd ever bit of hate mail (I’ll tell you about the first another time)!!  To cut a long story short:

Some months ago I’d been sent a Youtube message from someone who’d made a picture video for ‘This Is England’.  The visuals was good but the audio was terrible so I thanked them and suggested I send the proper audio over when it was done.  He said that’d be ok and I said to remind me because I’d probably forget.  Four months passed.  I forgot.

When I woke up at 7am and made the bleary eyed decision to make my own video for ‘This Is England’ I wasn’t really thinking about ‘Mr X’ from Youtube but I wish I had been…  otherwise I might not have ‘cheated, robbed and pushed’ him out of the video at the same time as being a ‘disingenuous’ human being and ‘not sticking to my word’. Ouch!

Obviously I messaged back with a profuse apology.  I’m not going to hate myself for making a spur of the moment video at 7am but I genuinely hate the fact I’ve clearly upset him.  Sorry Youtube man.

The next scene in the soap opera was far more enjoyable and cheered me right up.  If you heard week 21 you’ll know I’ve released a football song for Euro 2012.  The reaction so far has been INCREDIBLE and the other day something amazing (and hilarious) happened.  This comment appeared on the video for Chris Kamara and the FA’s official England Song for Euro 2012:

It stayed there for a day or so before they deleted it (and ignored yet another one of my emails).  Poor form indeed.

Moving away from Youtube (we’ll get to week 23 in a moment) I’m pleased to say that ‘the unofficial Frank Hamilton song’ (which is better by the way) got it’s first play last night on Radio 5 last night.  In the same hour an unrelated email from Dan Walker (BBC Football Focus and seemingly nice chap) arrived to say he really likes the song and has sent it to some ‘TV types’.  Fingers crossed.

As if that wasn’t enough a good day for football (and Frank Hamilton – who apparently now talks about himself in the third person) some news of a potential collaboration also came in yesterday.  It’s not confirmed yet so I don’t want to drop names but it seems like I might be writing a song with an ex Manchester United and England player.  ‘Excited’ obviously doesn’t come close.


The Blurb:

An old song this week – about the time I met Bryony (the girl from week 2).  I used to play this live a lot (on a ‘loopstation’ pedal) but since Sheeran went from zero to hero using one (very well, might I add) I decided I should probably avoid it like the plague.  I also never really liked the old middle section so I’ve re-written it – hope you don’t mind.  Back to the story…

I was living in Guildford and had just returned from a day of meetings and an evening of drinks in our nations capital.  It was quarter past 2 in the morning, I was seeing double and all I wanted was a kebab.  We’ve all been there.

I walked across the bridge next to the train station, gave the mob of angry looking hoodies a wide birth and was just about to enter ‘Diamond Kebab’ when my evening took an unexpected twist.

Two girls walked past, one of whom was rather hot.  The not-hot one asked if I knew the name of that famous Tina Turner song so I chanced a guess at ‘Simply the Best’ and smiled at her friend.  She shrieked with excitement (evidently I was right) and her friend smiled back at me.  We exchanged numbers and went home our separate ways, still smiling.

I didn’t get my kebab that night but I didn’t mind.  Trouble was she turned out to be a vegetarian and I had to wait a whole 7 months (until we split up) to get my hands on another one.  Definitely NOT ‘something I was looking for’!

Favourite Lyric:

Tough one.  I’m going to go for the 2nd verse:

“Phone-calls on the morning after make me smile, start the day in style
And it’s kinda funny I’ve not felt this much laughter in a while… Been quite a while”

She rang me the morning after to say she was talking to Tesco’s – ‘would I like to come?’   Obviously the answer was ‘no!’ but it didn’t stop me from smiling.  We eventually got it together after a week or so and I was the happiest I’d ever been, for a while at least.