Week 24 – ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’

Ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and troughs.

Week 24 started on top of a massive metaphorical hill in Ascot (or there abouts).  I was at the Jack Wills Varsity Polo having been summoned to play some songs to some people inside a tee-pee.  The sun was shining, the drive was good (it would have been great had Andy not insisted we were going to Windsor, taken us there and then realised we were going to Ascot!) and I had a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for me on my rider.  All smiles.

I haven’t really played much since the tour in April (this #onesongaweek malarky doesn’t allow much time for gigging) so I was really excited to get back out there.  The crowd were lovely (lots of singing and smiling) and I had my first whiskey and coke (of the day) on stage.  The set whizzed by in a flash and I got to meet some lovely fan-folk, pose for a few photos and sell some T-shirts/CDs (here’s the online shop if you missed out) before getting some more alcohol and catching some of Gabrielle Aplin.  Still all smiles.

After Gab’s set we took some silly photos in front of a sign (see below) and I badgered her about doing a duet for #onesongaweek, Andy was administered some drugs (for hay fever) and I toddled off to have a free burger from the organic meat stand.  The first bite was immense – Medium rare beef, extra-mature cheddar and an incredible ‘paprika-esque’ sauce.  The second bite was even better – I was on top of the metaphorical hill.  Smiles for miles.

Somewhere between the second and third bites things began to change.  In a haze of whiskey, undercooked meat and excessive sunshine I began tumbling down the hill.  Fast.

I woke up on Wednesday afternoon in the house I grew up in, with my mother in the next room and Jemima (my cat) on my lap.  For the last 90-odd hours I’d done little other than the three S’s – sick, sleep and soup (repeatedly – in that order).  Apparently after 24 weeks of not eating or sleeping enough (and smoking and drinking far too much) my body had finally rebelled and I’d ran back to the shire in a bid to get healthy again before week 24 came and went.

I think I’ve just about managed it.  I’m not exactly a bundle of energy but I am back in London, eating solid food and recording this weeks song – which we’ll get to in a moment.

Couple of nice things to note – MSN.co.uk have made ‘Sing For England’ their official song for Euro 2012 and one of Chris Moyles’ producers likes it (which might not lead to anything if Chris doesn’t but is nice all the same).  There’s also been some more behind the scenes chat about collaborations – next month (as I hinted last week) I’m going to meet Dion Dublin and the other day I heard from a nice chap called Dan (aka Bastille) saying he was very busy but would love to be involved.  We continue.

So here’s the song.  It’s a bit sad and very stripped back (I don’t have the energy for bells and whistles)… but I hope you like it all the same.

The Blurb:

I don’t really have a lot to say about this weeks song (partly because my brain’s fried and I need to go to bed before I get ill again).

It’s about the time I woke up, reasonably new in London and realised I really, really missed her.

She said it was over and stuck to her word.  I wrote this and felt sorry for myself at the same time as feeling like the biggest twat on the planet.

FYI: I didn’t cheat on her – that’s not my style.  I just didn’t try until it was far too late.  Live and learn (if only).

Favourite Lyric:

I like the first verse.   Especially the bit about it cars and taxi’s swimming down the road.

“…and as the cars and taxi’s swim around
I’m always thinking about you”

I guess I also like this bit, even if memory association makes it a pain to hear/read.  The idea of ‘drinking to forget’ was never a smart one.

“I know we drink to forget yesterday
But I’m still thinking about you”