Week 25 – ‘Sticks and Stones (I’m Sorry)’

First things first I blogged a little #onesongaweek message the other day and announced a special ‘one-off’ show at the same time. If you’re free on July 22nd you might like to read it and think fast – we’ll be picking names out of a hat early next week.

Moving swiftly on to this weeks song…

In week 23 I mentioned something that has (much to my surprise) become the subject of week 25. Let’s recap:

On Sunday I woke up to my 2nd ever bit of hate mail (I’ll tell you about the first another time)!! To cut a long story short:

Some months ago I’d been sent a Youtube message from someone who’d made a picture video for ‘This Is England’. The visuals was good but the audio was terrible so I thanked them and suggested I send the proper audio over when it was done. He said that’d be ok and I said to remind me because I’d probably forget. Four months passed. I forgot.

When I woke up at 7am and made the bleary eyed decision to make my own video for ‘This Is England’ I wasn’t really thinking about ‘Mr X’ from Youtube but I wish I had been… otherwise I might not have ‘cheated, robbed and pushed’ him out of the video at the same time as being a ‘disingenuous’ human being and ‘not sticking to my word’. Ouch!

Obviously I messaged back with a profuse apology. I’m not going to hate myself for making a spur of the moment video at 7am but I genuinely hate the fact I’ve clearly upset him. Sorry Youtube man”.

So I apologised (sincerely and profusely) for not remembering our conversation and getting in touch during week 22 to inform him of my plans. I explained that everything with #onesongaweek is very last minute and that I was forgetful at the best of times, whilst pointing out that these weren’t supposed to be excuses and saying again that I was very, very sorry.

Six days later I heard back from ‘Mr X’ and from the first few words of his healthy-looking reply I could tell he wasn’t upset at all. He was LIVID.

The opening line: “Sounds to me you are your own worst enemy! take that away with you and ponder! ever heard of Karma!”

The stuff in the middle has no place in this blog – on grounds of subject and grammar.  It was basically around 300 words of hate – some needlessly personal insults and a continuation of the allegation that I’d stolen (from him) the idea of putting pictures to lyrics in a video.

The last sentence: “…I just hope you take what i have said in good spirit and better thy self from this behaviour in the future”.

In addition he sent me this video:

Eddie Guerrero?! I couldn’t help but ‘lol’. Sorry Youtube man.

By the way, if you’re reading this (which I know you are) – this one’s for you:


The Blurb:

Recording has been a real labour of love this week. I’ve made 3 different versions since writing it on Tuesday – all of which make sense in their own special way. This is my favourite because of the ‘happy vibe’ and a couple of cheeky tricks in the production – a pitch shifter on half of the acoustic guitar and me doing barber-shop style singing in a (digital) ‘ancient church’. I hope you folks like it… especially you, ‘Mr.X’.

It’s been a good week for the haters. As well as the Youtube tirade, Twitter has provided me with my first ever proper insult from someone I’ve never even spoken to before. I was watching the England v Ukraine game and posted this:

“The awkward moment when the ball/camera goes to John Terry and you remember that A) he exists and B) he’s English.”

A Chelsea fan (clearly incensed at my thoughts towards his club captain) sent me this in reply:

I wouldn’t usually have put that in (it’s only Twitter – these things happen) but the next part made me chuckle:

…and we haven’t heard a peep out of him since!

It’s been a bit of a mad 30 hours or so for reasons completely unrelated to this weeks song/blog. Thankfully I’m escaping town and going to the IOW festival this weekend. As well as watch Bruce Springsteen I plan to write week 26’s song over the weekend and record it in a Travelodge (in the backstage bit) on the Sunday.  We’ll see if I’m coherent enough to make that happen!


Favourite Lyric:

Finding it hard to pick a favourite lyric and I never seem to pick the choruses so here’s a cop-out:

“I wasn’t born perfect but I try,
My bed is the only place that I lie.
So throw your sticks and stones,
Coz your words won’t keep me up at night.”