Week 27 – ‘Tomorrow’

by Frank Hamilton

Last week I was wallowing around and feeling like a shit person but this week’s been better:

  • My Mum forgave me for forgetting to call on her Birthday and really liked her present
  • I bought myself a new toy for £16.99 off of Amazon (check it out).
  • A new batch of YYC&M t-shirts arrived so all sizes are now back in stock (more info).
  • Dion Dublin came to onesongaweek HQ.  As well as being a newly certified Manchester United legend (true story) he’s also a genuinely nice bloke.  We’re going to be doing a song together and I’m going to make him sing on it.  Watch this space.

In addition to the above (and some other stuff I’ve almost certainly forgotten) I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  Week 26 has forced me to take stock and bring about a few simple changes to the way I live my life.  It’s nothing major but already I’m feeling like less of a shit person.

Week 27 and there’s still work to do…

The Blurb:

Recording this in the mood I was in last week would have been an absolute ball ache – this week it’s been a real labour of love.

‘Tomorrow’ was actually on the ‘Words and Nothing More‘ EP last year but I’ve wanted to re-record it pretty much ever since.  Now, as we enter the second half of onesongaweek off the back of a self-deprecating song about forgetting my own Mothers birthday, it seems like the right time to drop this particular bomb.

As I said the production’s been a labour of love.  I’ve gone round in more than a few circles and been as objective as I can possibly be about something I’ve heard over 1000 times in the space of 5 days.  Now I’m tired and it sounds great to me (but maybe only because I’m tired).

Some things (like the drums) have been brewing since Monday when I started working on it and others (like that filthy sounding piano) happened late last night.

Wednesday was a good day.  I decided a female voice would be a good idea so I chanced a text to the delightful Jose Vanders (from weeks 1, 2 and 22) and less than 5 hours later she was in my house.  She told me she’d had a bit to drink and we discussed the fact she might be an alcoholic before she spotted a mandolin and proceeded jump around the room while trying to tune it.

Recording wasn’t really happening so I opened a bottle of Sangria and put in inside the vocal booth (without her noticing).  Less than 45 seconds later she carefully placed the Mandolin on the couch and (in complete silence) began to float across the room in the direction of the carefully placed Sangria inside the vocal booth.  It was a bit like this:

Ok, so that’s not how it happened but the general gist (lots of time spent pratting around and next to no time spend recording vocals) is true.  There’s a very good reason for it as well…

Some people have to focus really hard in order to get things right and some people have that rare ability to make magic without even trying.  No prizes for guessing which category JV falls in to!

Favourite Lyric:

“I’m gonna wake up,
I’m gonna shower straight away
Don’t wanna wander round the house in clothes from yesterday”

Ok, so it didn’t happen today.

“It’s gonna start tomorrow”.