Week 28 – ‘Holding On’

by Frank Hamilton

After 4 days of trying and failing… I FINALLY managed to write something yesterday.

Here it is:


The Blurb:

I’m not really sure what I think of it all at the moment.  A good nights sleep tends to put everything in perspective and since I’ve not been to bed yet I have no bloody idea!  As I said on Twitter… it could be ‘simple and really cool’ or it could just be ‘basic and a bit shit’!

The little guitar/whistle idea came on Thursday afternoon around 4pm just after I’d asked Steve the maintenance man (who pops in for coffee and a cigarette now and again) to leave me alone.  He also plays guitar and likes to tell me which songs he’s been learning each week.  Usually I indulge him and for a short while I did (I was treated to a full acoustic rendition of Paranoid by Black Sabbath) but then I realised this was the least prepared I’d been in all 28 weeks – and it was high time I did something about it.

So I sat on the couch and began fiddling around with the guitar.  The whistles came first, the verse lyrics next and the whole thing was written by about 5.  With time against me I set about recording and thankfully it all came together pretty quickly (either side of some fishcakes for dinner).  The song felt pretty spacious and low-fi so that’s exactly what I did with the recording.  One acoustic guitar.  One Ukelele.  Vocals.  Done.

Onward to week 29… it’s a busy one.


Favourite Lyric:

The Whistles are my favourite lyric – without a doubt!



As I mentioned a few weeks ago I’ll be playing an acoustic, unplugged gig (in the loosest sense of the word) this Sunday – on Clapham Common at 3:30pm.  As long as it’s not pissing it down we’ll bask in the sunshine with Pimms and nibbles while I play 26 songs.  Weeks 1 – 26 (in order).  Here’s some more info if you might like to come…





which is lovely and watched an acoustic rendition of Paranoid by Ozzy Osbourne I really

and for some reason I’d been reasonably relaxed about the whole thing despite having had a musically unproductive week on the whole.