Week 33 – ‘Know Who We Are’

It’s 2am on Friday morning and here’s this week in a (rather large) nutshell:

Monday came and went.  I was supposed to be writing with Alex Davies (from Eliot Minor – remember them?) but it got cancelled so I enjoyed a much needed day of rest and house-tidying.

On Tuesday morning the lovely Orla Gartland came all the way from from Ireland!  We met at the tube and headed straight to Nero where I questioned the sauce inside my ham and egg panini and she questioned the masculinity of my drink (a Caramelatte with cream).  I told her to fuck off and she took it rather well.  The ice was broken.

We spent most of Tuesday writing a duet called ‘Here With Me’.  It was fun and easy and the song was awesome.  We boshed out a demo and sat down on the couch to watch My Transexual Summer (#transsummer), with week 33 safely in the bag.
At half 10 or so we sent the song to our respective managers and received a swift reply.  They apologised for throwing a spanner in the works but said they weren’t aware the song might be a duet and that unfortunately this wasn’t a possibility.  Needless to say this was news to me (and Orla)!

As frustrating as it was the whole thing was perfectly understandable.  Orla has only had one single out thus far (a fantastic one at that) and so management were being very cautious about her next ‘publicised’ steps (and rightly so).  So what happens now?!

We were asked to consider changing the song from a duet into a solo tune but that was never going to happen.  Some songs are duets from the start and can function no other way – this was one of those.  Back to the drawing board then…

Over a cup of tea and some trash TV we decided we’d write another song tomorrow that wasn’t a duet – one that would be fine to use in #onesongaweek.  Tomorrow came and less than an hour later and we’d all but finished it.  No need for the drawing board after all!

We spent Wednesday re-writing lyrics and recording vocals before Orla toddled off for dinner and I headed out to play back-to-back gigs in Soho and Shoreditch (both of which were good fun).  I got back at about 2am and sat up mixing until 5 (I was drunk).  Needless to say it sounded GREAT!

Thursday started well enough (at around 11am) as I pieced the vocals together and bounced down a first, rough mix before heading to Sainsburys for supplies.  Shortly after I came home (at around 4pm) it all went wrong… again!

The powers that be still weren’t happy with the song because both our voices featured throughout and therefore it was still considered a duet – so I was sent a list of things I had to change.  Surely not?!

After a mini freak-out on my part (being told what to do with my own song didn’t sit too well with me initially!) we managed to meet somewhere close to halfway and Orla’s voice DOES feature on the song.  In actual fact the enforced removal of her voice in the first verse has turned out to be a great idea – really adding to the ‘slow build’ vibe we’ve got going on!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it all came together.  It would have been weird rushing to put someone else’s voice on a song I wrote with Orla so a massive thanks to her and her people for getting into the #onesongaweek spirit.




I’d like to use this weeks blurb section to follow on from last weeks blog and thank you for all your help.  There have been some incredible initiatives to spread the #onesongaweek gospel but my favourite idea so far has to be that of the lovely Mel‘s.  She tweeted me to say she’s been spreading offers of a free tea or coffee if people check out #onesongaweek for the first time.  How cool is that?!

In other news I’m delighted to announce I’ll be performing at Reading and Leeds festival next weekend – alongside the wonderful Danica Hunter (from week 13).  I think we’re doing the Friday in Reading and the Saturday in Leeds… but i’ll tweet/facebook some more concrete details as soon as I know!

Finally – we’ve had a little competition running this week (to win some goodies and a set-list from the ‘1/2 way thru OSAW’ gig).  After 150 entries on Facebook and Twitter we’ve randomly selected not one, but two winners.  Congratulations to Michael Shepherd and to Becky Moore.  Get in touch through the usual channels and we’ll get your prizes sent out.

Favourite Lyric(s):

“Summer’s gone
it’s cold in the mornings
the lights still on
you always used to turn it off
and I’m no good
at getting up in the morning

Found my head
sat by the window
made this bed
you always used to keep it warm
and i’m no good
at getting up in the morning

Autumn leaves
tired of the evening
roll up my sleeves
you always used to sort me out
i’m still not good
at getting up in the morning”