Week 35 – The Detective

by Frank Hamilton

It’s 3:24am on Friday morning and I wish I could think of a more interesting way to start the blog than by quoting the time.

I can’t believe week 35 is set to be the final track on the August EP (which should be up on iTunes early next week).  That means summer’s almost gone and we’re 2/3 of the way through #onesongaweek.  Crikey.

There’s so much going on that I don’t even know where to start – but that’s probably for the best.  Some of it’s really boring and some of it’s really exciting.  I won’t tell you the boring stuff because you’d get bored and I won’t tell you the exciting stuff incase it doesn’t happen and I look stupid.  Let’s just move on…

I can and will tell you that Reading and Leeds festivals were both a lot of fun last weekend.  It was great meeting you all and AMAZING to see so many ‘You, Your Cat & Me’ t-shirts knocking around.  Here are a couple of photos.

Before we move on to week 35 I’ve been getting a lot of messages from some of you guys and girls who’d like to help me write a song – so we’re going to try and make that happen.  Start searching your brain for concepts and lyrics (and write the good ones down!) and we’ll let you know how to get involved soon.   FYI: It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written anything before!!

Without further ado…


The Blurb:

It’s been a bit of a ‘week 28‘ scenario in the sense that everything happened at the very last minute.  I was playing around with an old song (Breakfast On My Own) yesterday morning when I started whistling a random melody and picked up a guitar.

Much like week 28 at the time of writing this I’m still not entirely sure what I think of it – but who cares!?  This is #onesongaweek and there are no rules and regulations.  Besides, August has been a good month so far… maybe we’re due a shocker?!

On a serious note I’m pretty sure it’s not a shocker.  Whatever the case it’s a nice way to round off the month and I’ve learnt a lot from it.  For starters I’ve tried to branch out with the lyrics this week (less of the cutesy boy/girl stuff in the verses) and I’ve also tried to push my voice outside of it’s comfort zone a little more.

Recording wise it’s yet another #onesongaweek HQ (my living room) production.   The whole thing is built on acoustic guitar, whistles and a vocal but I’ve also added splashes of piano, harmonica and percussion (me playing drum-brushes against my legs).

Favourite Lyric:

I like the 2nd verse.  It’s pretty self-explanatory…

“You talk the talk
But don’t ever say nothing.
You can’t walk the walk and then walk away
When you don’t like something”

…and some of the chorus lyrics:

“Take all the pieces and spread them out
We’ll play detectives and we’ll hunt for clues”