Week 36 – ‘Summer’

First things first, the August EP is now on iTunes.  About time!  Here’s a link

Last weekend was good fun.  I played football on Saturday afternoon and put in a solid performance (for at least 10 minutes).  It’s been a while since I did any proper exercise – another thing to add to the to-do list…

After a quiet night on Saturday I woke up at 7am on Sunday to go to the Paralympics – which was fun.  We watched swimming inside the aquatic centre (the hottest, most humid place in the world) and went for a wander round the Olympic Park…

After narrowly avoiding the horse-shit that littered the walkways (true story!) we walked past a kiosk where you could have your photo taken with the Paralympic torch.  I’d never seen a Paralympic torch before, let alone had a photo with one, so I popped inside and cheerily explained that I’d rather not pay £50 for 6 photos when I could just take one on my phone and be gone in 30 seconds.  Somehow it worked!

On Sunday evening I went straight from the Olympic stadium to Camden for the iTunes festival.  The Roundhouse is one of my favourite venues and it was nice to drink cider and meet some good people.  Highlights include:  Nandos before/after, Ed Sheeran‘s encore (watch it on iTunes), bumping into/having a wee catch up with Gabs Aplin, Alfie HT and Ryan Keen and finally playing table tennis at the after-party while trying to hold a beer.

When I arrived home in the wee, small hours of Monday morning I got an email saying a chap called Colin Murray had bought a song – week 34’s The Other Side.   I entertained the idea for a few seconds before deciding there were probably hundreds of Colin Murray’s in the world and that this was clearly just someone with the same name as the guy who presents Match of the Day 2 and various other Radio 5 live shows.  Either way it was 4am on Monday morning and I’d been up for 21 hours.  Time for bed.

I woke up when the phone rang around 11am.  It was my manager Andy who told me to have a look at the BBC sport website.  I had no idea that @onesongaweek was on Match of the Day 3!  You can watch it online here – but basically it’s just a 15 second clip of the song and a 2 or 3 minutes of Alan Hanson and Dion Dublin taking the piss out of each other!

Turns out it was the same Colin Murray (from Match of the Day 2 and 3) who bought the tune.  I dropped him an email – top man.  Maybe I’ll pester him about some ‘goal of the month’ music before the season’s out…

The Blurb:

This weeks song is called ‘Summer’ and true to form – it’s a little bit late.  I was playing around with a different song up until Wednesday evening but then an idea fell out of nowhere (while I was in the bath – awkward timing!) and I spent most of Thursday trying to piece it all together.  It’s not been an easy ride but here we are – 6 ‘final’ mixes later… at 03:09am on Saturday morning!


As the first line of the song suggests – it’s about summer.  We’re now in September and after waiting months for something to smile about the last few days have been fantastic!

The song is also about life and my current situation.  This whole onesongaweek thing can be bit of a thankless task at times and there have been a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns.  At the time they feel like the biggest ups and downs in the world but when you look back they don’t seem as defining.  ‘Summer’ is about how after 36 weeks I’m really starting to feel like we’re getting somewhere…

Anyway – it’s late and I’m off to Devon tomorrow morning to play a gig in someones living room.  Here’s a twist on the ‘favourite lyric’ section:

Favourite Lyric(s):