Week 38 – ‘Moments’

by Frank Hamilton

Week 38 has been just how I like my crosswords. Fun and easy.

I’d decided to spend my weekend trying to eat and sleep more so it was with delight that I accepted a couple of free tickets for the rugby (plush seats – at Wembley). I took a packed lunch and apparently the game finished 9-9. I came home… and week 38 began.

Actually, week 38 first started around 18 months ago – back in 2011, when I received a Facebook message from an enthusiastic young singer/songwriter from Suffolk. His name was Lewis Mokler and he said he wanted to be the next Ed Sheeran. I remember trying to be as polite as possible. That was that.

Fast forward to week 32 (or so) of and my friend/photographer Gio was talking about an enthusiastic young(ish) singer/songwriter he’d done some work with – who might be fun to pull in for onesongaweek. I’m sure you’ve already guessed his name – Lewis Mokler.

Lewis has spent the last 18 months gigging relentlessly and released his debut album (#fingertips) earlier this year. Not only is his work ethic astounding, his attitude and general loveliness mean he’s climbing the ladder at a rate of knots and so it was a pleasure to get together and have a go at some writing.

Lewis arrived on Monday morning in his little red car (called Pam-lar) and immediately offered me a prosthetic arm. I turned it down but ushered him inside for a cup of tea instead. After a Monday of writing together, a Tuesday and Wednesday of recording on my todd and a Thursday of vocals, mixing and mastering, this weeks song is released on time and in tune (I think). There was even time to give Lewis a quick lesson in FIFA on the playstation.  As is standard protocol he made a public apology for losing by more than 5 goals!

Before we hear the song I’m pleased to inform you that last weeks ‘3 step plan‘ to sort myself out seems to be going well (even if the iPhone shipping date has been delayed). I went to see the nurse today and she said I was fine but gave me a prescription for sleeping pills.

Zopiclone – it sounds like something out of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.


The Blurb:

‘Moments’ consists of a few parts.

The verses (which I wrote over a year ago and never found good homes for), the middle section (which I wrote for another song but ended up changing) and a brand new chorus written by myself and Mr. Mokler on Monday.

In one sentence – this weeks song is about being young/having fun, with a bitter-sweet love story in the verses.

It’s been a blast to record – from the acoustic to the bass guitar, from the vocals to the electrics that kick- off in the middle section. It’s tested the limits of my humble little home studio (which still consists of just one laptop and one microphone) but I’m reasonably happy with how it sounds. If I can do this in a few days at the end of my living room then just imagine how good someone who actually knows what they’re doing will make it sound on the album in 2013!

Before we leave week 38 behind to talk about something else – I’m delighted to announce that Lewis has invited me along to play some songs at his London show on October 2nd (two days before my birthday)! I’m on quite early (7:45) but if you’re in town it’d be lovely to see you. Tickets here.

Goodbye week 38.  Hello week 39, 40, 41 or 42 (that depends on you guys).

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I keep getting messages from people wanting to give me song ideas or send me lyrics and poems to use in onesongaweek – so we’re going to (try and) make that happen.

Here’s another ‘3 Step Plan’.

  • 1) You send in your ideas to ‘onesongaweek@mail.com’
  • 2) I read them all, have a think and pick a theme/topic.
  • 3) I play around with some ideas and then Together (through Twitter, Facebook and maybe Youtube) you help me piece them together into a song.

Needless to say I’ve never tried anything like this before so I haven’t a clue how it’ll go… but why not join in and find out?  From you I would like:

  • Song titles:
  • Song ideas (concepts):
  • Lyrics (they don’t have to be perfect!):

When the time is right (maybe this week, or next week, the week after or the week after that) I’ll complete phase 2 and we’ll start planning phase 3. Capiche?


Favourite Lyric:

“My head keeps turning, turning
and there’s a fire burning. burning,
And this little heart of mine,
is gonna get it right this time.”