Week 42 – ‘Fishing’

Above the water, week 42 has been busy:

Below the waves, week 42 has been even busier…

Meeting at 12. Had a swordfish salad (I wasn’t paying)! Rang around and confirmed lots of people for the onesongaweek live show. Went to see Ed Sheeran on the third night of his residency at Hammersmith Apollo. Awesome, but took a dark turn after I lost a game of Jenga, mixed wine with beer and visited Mcdonalds on the way home.

Went to bed at midnight after being sick. Got out of bed at 8:30am having not slept a single wink and been sick a few more times. Went to the Doctor. Return of the stomach ulcer? …Here’s some Omeprazole.

Marginally better. Found the energy to drink some soup and wasn’t sick at all. Started working on the song and did a load of admin stuff behind the scenes.

Woke up early to go back to the Doctor for a check-up. Stomach recovering but for some reason my pulse has a resting rate of about 50 so I’ve been told to go for one of those ECG things just to check I’m not dying. Came home, thought a bit, had some more soup and recorded the song.

Woke up and made a few tweaks to the song. Proof-read the blog and uploaded it. Started thinking about week 43, week 48 and week ??.  Planned rehearsals/wrote a set-list for the live show in December (this is going to be the most organised gig of my entire life)!



The Blurb:

This weeks song is a collaboration with a remarkable chap called Davey Macmanus – who is the singer and songwriter in one of my all-time favourite bands, The Crimea.  He’s also a nurse and aid volunteer who has spent a large chunk of his 2012 living in Africa trying to make people’s lives both happier and more bearable.  To top if all off he writes songs that I couldn’t even write in my dreams.

I remember seeing ‘Lottery Winners on Acid’ on Top of the Pops back in the day and it struck a real chord with me, which led to me buying the ‘Tragedy Rocks’ album and falling head over heels in love with it.

I’ve been lucky enough to play a couple of shows with The Crimea over the last few years and decided to chance a speculative approach back in January about doing some work together. Long story short, Davey sent some ideas over with a lovely email and I got to work…

Instead of talk about this weeks song and how it all came together I’d like to talk about teddy bears and royalties.

I’ve been keeping up to date with Davey’s work in Africa (through his blogs and an ebook) and since returning in July he’s been talking about a new charity (yet to be named) that’s in it’s infancy.  This is where all the royalties from this weeks song will be going.

Also, I wanted to draw your attention to ‘The Teddy Bear Appeal’ – something Davey posted on Facebook recently:

Collect 200 teddy bears and send them to vulnerable children and orphans in Diepsloot, South Africa in time for Christmas.

When I was in Deiplsoot I realised that these kids needed hugs, love and affection, As there is no one to give this love I figure a teddybear can perform this role, when I was there I was saddened by a teddybear I found being burned alive on a pile of stinking rubbish on a street corner, It inspired the photo-diary Death of a Teddy Bear. When I was a kid my Mother knitted me a Teddybear Davey Crockett and it stayed with me through the years of discovering the world, I was lucky, I had a loving family and all the comforts of the Western World, but I still needed that teddy to hold me tight sometimes…

Please send unwanted/old teddybears to this address:

Teddy Bear Appeal 320 Lister Court Nightingale Avenue Harrow Middelesex HA1 3GJ


Favourite Lyric:

“Because you make my heart go 90 miles an hour.

Love is not the same without you in my corner”