Week 43 – Standing On Your Street

by Frank Hamilton

It’s 23:07 on a Friday night and I’m sat in by myself dipping carrot sticks in hummus and stressing about reverb.  What has my life become?!

I’ve just mixed and mastered this weeks song (for the 13th time) and I can’t wait to post it and move on to week 44 but first, I need to write a blog…

On the whole it’s been good and fairly relaxed (for a change) week.

Saturday was nice.  Remember that song I finished a few weeks ago?  The one that has 3 parents?  Well I sent it to the third parent (who was blissfully unaware I’d been tampering with it) via their manager and now I’m waiting to find out what they think…

Sunday was relaxed.  I had a meeting with a lovely chap called Ollie who’ll be drumming for me on December 20th.  Speaking of which I’m hoping to have some news about my special guest support act very soon.  FYI over half the tickets have gone already (which is amazing!) so if you’re desperate to come then get yours by clicking HERE.

Monday was nice enough.  I got back to London (from Southampton) in the afternoon and went to the pub after the Q awards.  Myself and Matt Morgan were very sensible, drank apple juice and resisted the urge to embarrass ourselves in front of Rachel from Countdown.

Tuesday was ok.  I went to try and have an ECG (apparently my heart rate’s a bit lower than normal) and failed because I’d lost the form.  I made it in on Wednesday and this is what my heart looks like on a piece of paper…

The rest of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent going round in circles with this weeks song and trying to smoke less, neither of which really promote the other…



The Blurb:

It’s a true story… about the time I went to break up with my then girlfriend of nearly 2 years.

It’s all pretty self explanatory so I won’t waffle on too much but I will say that it’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written.  I wanted to put it in onesongaweek for this reason as well as the fact that I wanted to have some fun producing it.

I won’t say it’s been fun – once again the limitations of my ‘one laptop and one microphone’ set-up have been exposed but at the same time I still like the vibe and can’t wait to get in a proper studio (with a proper producer) and get this tarted up for the album.  It will, quite literally, be epic.


We’re all writing a song together and this is your last chance to get involved:

Here’s your final reminder to send in any song / lyric / concept ideas to onesongaweek@mail.com if you’d like them to be considered.  The response so far has been fantastic (well over 50 so far) and I’m hoping myself and Mark Grist (who’s coming to visit on Monday and Tuesday) will be able to work some of your ideas into a song.  If he’s up for it I’ll be facebooking and tweeting my little socks off on Monday/Tuesday and asking you to get involved, so look out for that.

Favourite Lyric:

I’m really proud of the lyrics in this song.  Don’t make me choose…

“I’m standing on your street, babe
You’re standing on my heart.
We’re fighting in our sleep, babe
But we don’t want the end to start
Icicles and fires, babe,
I don’t wanna play this game
I’m standing on your street babe,
but it’s not the same.

I’m smiling less and less babe,
You\re trying more and more.
We’ve given it our best, babe
I’m tired and my feet are sore
Arguments and breakdowns,
Isn’t what I came here for
I’m standing on your street, babe
Looking at your door.  Standing at your door.

There’s voices in my head, babe,
Running over everything.
Just maybe this could work, babe
Maybe we could gamble and win
The memories and the fears, babe
arise as I address this court,
I’m standing on your street, babe
having second thoughts

You’ve always looked so good, babe
And never did so more than now
Let’s try and keep this quick, babe
Don’t wan a hear you scream and shout.
Great escapes and heart ache
A month or two and you’ll be fine
I’m standing on your street, babe
For the last time.