Week 48 – ‘Miles Apart’

by Frank Hamilton

1:32am, Friday morning, Week 40-something… and once again I don’t really know where to start.  After a great response to ‘Wet Shoes’ and with this weeks song all but finished I thought I was in for a quiet few days… Wrong!

On Monday we had our first proper, plugged in rehearsal for the #onesongaweek live show.  This was my view:

On Tuesday I woke up early and came home late, having spent the day with Si Hulbert (who I mentioned last week).  Aside from being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in this odd little industry he’s also a multi-talented producer/writer – and we spent the day working on something which you’ll hear very soon.  Here’s a picture of Si and his new whip – safety first!

On Wednesday I went to see Newton Faulker – which was fun (and very last minute).  His manager called just a few days previous to say that he liked last weeks song and would like to get involved if I still had a spare week.  We sat infront of a large (computerised) fish tank, wrote a great little song and I even left with some (home-made) sushi – a good day all round!

…and then there was Thursday.  I’ve basically spent between 10am and now (we’re still going) recording at home and liasing with Newton, Si and a chap called Lyracis – who came over this evening to record some bars on Football from week 46 (better late than never)!

All of this was geared towards finishing the songs in time to be put on the ‘Best of’ album we’ll be releasing in December –  which will tie in nicely with a little something happening between the 11th and 18th (I’m really struggling to keep a secret here)!

Friday – Wake up early to finish the blog before trotting off to another band practice (something I’ll be doing every Friday and Sunday between now and the gig).

Let’s move on to this weeks song, shall we?  After I’ve been to bed, perhaps…


The Blurb:

Morning.  How are you?!

This weeks song was written with Ryan Keen about two months ago – the day after Jemima (my cat of nearly two decades) fell asleep and never woke up.  I remember being in a shit mood and being dragged out of it by Ryan – who presented me with half a pizza followed by a refrigerated Mars bar and a cup of tea – perfect!

As per usual the song is pretty self explanatory so I won’t ramble on about it too much –  but in a nutshell it’s about a long distance relationship and not knowing whether to carry on or sack it off.

We wrote it in an afternoon and I went away to think about/change some of the lyrics (as standard).  The next day we regrouped to record guitars and tidy up a demo before Ryan trundled off on tour with Newton Faulkner (this is all getting a bit incestuous)!

Ryan took his laptop on tour and did some mixing and I took my time recording a vocal at #onesongaweek HQ before Dan Dare got involved with a tasty beat (which was a nice treat!) and we pinged some ideas back and forth before tidying it all up and drawing a line in the sand.

Favourite Lyric:

“Staring at the stars, I know you do the same…”