Week 51 – ‘Just The Same’

It’s 3:05am on Thursday night/Friday morning and I’ve just got home from the first and last #OneSongaWeek live show.

I’m tired, hungry and feeling pretty ill so I’ll keep this brief and tell you all about this weeks song another time.

For now, here are a few photos of last nights gig (that I’ve stolen from Facebook and Twitter)….

MASSIVE thanks to my special guests: Newton Faulkner, Lauren Aquilina, Ryan Keen, Mark Grist, Helen Ruocco, Danica Hunter, Jonny Wright, Pete Marshall and Mixy.

MASSIVE thanks to the best band in the world (who learnt SO many songs in the space of just a few weeks): Ollie Davies, Jose Vanders, Alex Karban, Jacob Attawooll and Sean Kelly… and of course to our wonderful man behind the mixing desk, ‘sound man Kev’.

…and finally the biggest thanks of all goes to you lot. You sang your little hearts out (to hide the fact I was dosed up on Beechams) and it was lovely to meet so many of you afterwards.  Again soon?!  Speaking of which…

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket this time… I’ve just announced another show in London (on May 3rd 2013), for which you can get tickets here.  FYI this date will be part of a tour so don’t panic if you’re nowhere near London… chances are we’ll have some news for you in the next week or 3.

Onto this weeks song…


‘Week 51 – Just The Same’, written with, featuring and produced by the absolute gent that is Newton Faulkner.

I’ll tell you all about it when I can see straight (in the next day or two)…

Have a nice Friday xxx


PS: Someone just tweeted me a video from last night. If you didn’t manage to get a ticket here’s (some of) what you missed: