Week 52 – ‘Week 52’

Can’t believe I’m about to write the words ‘week 52’.

What a year and what a way to end it – with the ‘The Best of #OneSongaWeek’ album still bossing the top 10 of the iTunes S/S chart (18 days after it hit #1).   If you’ve bought it and talked about it then it’s basically all your fault – so thanks!

I’ll keep this brief because it’s the last song and I’ve had another one of my silly ideas…

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 03.37.12

I want YOU to bring this whole #OneSongaWeek thing to an end by making the last bit of noise on the last ever track… so if you fancy it, here’s what you need to do:

Gather as many friends and family as possible into one place (the quieter the better) and find a recording device (anything from a laptop to a mobile phone or dictaphone).

Record yourselves clapping. LOUD and RAUCOUS to start with (feel free to cheer and wooooo), before slowly petering out over the course of 10/15 seconds or so.

Submissions now closed.

UPDATE:…and we’re back!!  It’s Friday night/Saturday morning (1:05am) and I’ve just finished the last ever #OneSongaWeek!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 01.19.53

Thanks to the 35+ of you who sent in some claps.  I’ve tried to make it sound coherant so some of you are quieter than others but rest assured you are all in there!!

The Blurb:

This weeks song is free.

It might not change the world but I really like it (or at least I think I do – it’s less than 48 hours old)!

The chorus is for anyone who’s even given two-hoots about #OneSongaWeek. I cannot thank-you enough.


In all honestly I’ve really struggled with the song this week.  The post-gig comedown and Christmas festivities took me out of my comfort zone and made it hard to write… and it wasn’t until 4am on Thursday morning (when I was sitting on a bench in my village back home, overlooking the flood plains) that I finally stumbled upon the last in a series of 52 ideas – 53 if you count the one I had in the first place (362 days ago).

Anyway, for the final time… here we are, with ukeleles, guitars, accordions, whistles and some words I wrote for you.


Favourite Lyric:

“I’m so happy I could smile but I won’t

I’m so tired I should sleep but I don’t”