Week 39 – ‘One Last Time’

by Frank Hamilton

I’m writing this in a bit of a daze to be honest.  It’s been a rough week.

Right now I’m lying on the couch with a hot water bottle up my shirt, a mug of lemsip in my hand and a golf ball stuck inside my throat.

At this moment in time I don’t really know what’s happening with the song.  I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday bawling my eyes out and then the tonsillitis arrived.

I hope I can find the right words in the next 24 hours or so… and then I hope the Penicillin works quickly enough for me to be able to sing them.

Before I go back to bed I want to say thanks for all your kind words this week.  Literally hundreds of emails, messages, comments and tweets.  I didn’t quite know what to say and I still don’t… but she’d be well chuffed – always did love the attention…

RIP Jemima – love of my life and best thing in it since 1994.  Without you there would be no ‘You, Your Cat & Me’, amongst so many others.  Sleep well xxx

Hopefully the song will be up in a day or two.  As ever I’ll be posting updates on Twitter.

Finally, look at last weeks blog if you haven’t already – especially the bit about us writing a song together.  If you’d like to get involved you can send your ideas/lyrics/titles/monologues to ‘onesongaweek@mail.com’.


Updated – Saturday: 22:21

The last 30 hours or so have been a blur, since the drugs kicked in and I found the energy to pick up a guitar.

I’ve slept for 9 of them and worked and cried my way through the rest.  Curtains closed, pouring my absolute heart out and worrying that it’s all just not good enough.  What a fucking stereotype!

Here’s the song:



If you’re wondering what all the fuss was about – Jemima was my 8th birthday present.  I came home from school, shut my eyes, held out my hands and saw this little bundle of fur staring up at me.  Back then I had no idea she’d be such an important part of my life.  She’s been there through everything – The one I run to when shit hits the fan.  The one I write songs about when I’m single.  The one directly responsible for my biggest selling record to date (and all the t-shirts I keep having to pack up and send out).

For most of this week I’ve wished I wasn’t a songwriter doing one song a week.  When your work is your life and your life falls apart there’s no escape.

Still, part of me thinks it’s a good thing.  I know myself pretty well and that’s why I made the decision (hardly a conscious one, dosed up on Lemsip and Penicillin) to ‘go there’ – in order to come out the other side and feel a little bit more philosophical about the whole thing.

I can’t say it’s worked yet… but give it time.


Favourite Lyric:

I Miss You x