Week 49 – ‘Words and Nothing More’

by Frank Hamilton

According to the man inside the calculator on my mobile telephone we are 94% of the way through #onesongaweek?! Ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous is the fact I’ve only just discovered the keyboard shortcut for a hashtag, having spent the last 11 and a bit months visiting google, typing ‘hashtag’ and then copying and pasting the appropriate symbol into the appropriate place!

Down to business then and those of you on the mailing list will already know that ‘The Best of #OneSongaWeek’ is released this Monday (10th December) and is already available for pre-order.

FYI it’s a 21 track album (one of them’s hidden) featuring Newton Faulkner, Lauren Aquilina, Ryan Keen, Lyracis, Jose Vanders, Jonny Wright & Danica Hunter. and more and is priced at £6.99 for the first week of release.  There’s also a ‘complete my album’ option on iTunes so if you’ve been buying the tracks already already you might want to wait until Monday and you can have the album for next to nothing 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 03.14.50
To tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting to release a ‘best of’ so soon (certainly not before we’d even finished!) but I decided to go ahead when news came through that iTunes had chosen week 45 to be their free single of the week.

Hang on, what!?

True story. The global powerhouse that is iTunes have chosen little old me and my song (which was written about a month ago and recorded on a laptop in my lounge!) to be their free single of the week as of this Tuesday – the week before the week before Christmas 🙂

Another one of the tracks on this ‘Best of’ album is this weeks song…

The Blurb:

‘Words and Nothing More’ is about a girl I met last year.  In the space of a few months (as often happens) we’d gone from not knowing each other to knowing each other intimately to not wanting to know each other.  I say ‘not wanting to know each other’ like there was some sort of mutual decision but in reality there really wasn’t.

Long story short she called it off and I was gutted.  I spent a couple of days pining and penned a few really depressing songs before finding some perspective at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels and writing what has now become this weeks song.

Exciting stuff on the recording front this week – the song was produced by the uber talented Si Hulbert, whose recent credits include One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Cash Money and more.  Much like me, he’s having the busiest year of his life (since One Direction went to number 1 in America with a song him and Ed wrote) so I’m massively grateful that he found the time to get involved in all this #onesongaweek nonsense.

It’s been a real treat working with and getting to know Si a little better (we met a few years ago when we briefly shared a manager but  didn’t do anything until recently) and I’m really excited about the results.  This weeks song stands proud as a marker for 2013 and the sonic heights than can be reached when my songs are recorded on something other than a laptop by someone who knows what they’re doing!

My only gripe is that we had one long day in the studio to take this from nothing to something.  Just imagine what we could have done (and could still do!) outside the time constraints of #onesongaweek – with a few weeks rest and some fresh, objective ears.

Then again, that’s what 2013 is for.  That and gigging, you’ll be pleased to know.
Favourite Lyric:

“I have trouble sleeping but I can dream for days
I’ll change my socks but I will never change my ways”